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Returns & Exchanges

You can return or exchange any item purchased through Moonstoneshop.co.uk within 14 working days of receiving your original order. Returned items must be sent through a courier service of your choice. Returns and exchanges can be based on one or more of the following reasons:

1 - Sizing

2 - Dissatisfaction with the appearance of product

3 - Personal reasons


If the above mentioned conditions apply, shipping charges shall be paid by the customer. In case of a mistake by Moonstoneshop.co.uk, transportation charges shall be paid by the latter. In case of an exchange, the new product is sent to the customer once the initial purchase is returned. In case of a return of the purchase, the customer receives a refund within 10 working days to a provided bank account number. Bear in mind the following terms, when applying for returns & exchanges:

1 - Please note that if more than 14 days have passed between the date of receipt of your order and the date of your claim, your claim will not be processed. The only exception are faulty products.

2 - Order receipt must be applied in the return shipment

3 - Products must be in good commercial form

4 - Returns and exchanges on underwear are NOT accepted



Please send an email to shop@moonstoneshop.co.uk with title: ORDER NUMBER : RETURN / EXCHANGE. Please find the details we need included in the e-mail body below:

- RETURNS - If you would like to receive a refund, please send us the following information : IBAN, SWIFT code, Bank name and address, and account holder’s name. Once we receive confirmation that the products have been returned to the specified address, the amount will be refunded within 10 working days.

- EXCHANGES - Please indicate which products from your original order you wish to exchange by selecting them in the section "order items". Please indicate, as a comment in your e=mail, which item you wish to receive in exchange by sending us a link or product code of the item as well as the desired size. An administrator will then provide you the bank account number when you can transfer the amount needed to cover shipping costs. Once we receive your returned products and the shipping costs have been covered, we will send the requested items within 5 working days. Details relating to a price difference between exchanged items will be discussed further with one of our administrators.

After submitting your request, please send the products to the following adress: 

  • Sofia, Bulgaria, 1000
  • N 114 Dimitar Hadzhikotsev Street
  • MoonstoneBG Ltd.
  • +359 0888497745

Returns & Exchanges shipped to a different adrres will not be considered. гр. София, бул. Македония 44. 

Please note, that taxes regarding bank transfers outside of Bulgaria will be charged to the client. 

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